FRAC Water Heating and Pumping

Fluid Management, Water Heating and Pumping, and Boilers in Whitecourt
Stratty Enterprises assists oil companies with water services on-site. Find a wide range of fluid services for your energy project needs.

Stratty Enterprises provides water services for your fracking projects. We help with sourcing, licensing, FRAC water transfer and heating, trucking, and speed loading.

We have the equipment, managers, and technicians to complete big or small jobs on time and within budget.

Water Transfer
If you've got a hydraulic fracturing project, we can support water transfers as long as 25 km. Water transfer is a cheap and eco-friendly alternative to trucking. Rent our water transfer equipment for hydraulic fracturing and we'll set up the whole thing for you.

Water Heating
If you need FRAC water heating in Whitecourt, look no further. Take advantage of equipment like our 38 million BTU diesel heater and a 33 million BTU propane/natural gas heater.

Our 125-hp boilers come rigged with all necessary equipment to get any job done. With heat exchanges that circulate storage tanks, these boilers are great for any sized project. Our professional equipment serves water heating needs and reduces the fear of breakdowns.

Other Fluid Services
On top of water services, we also provide acid management. Utilize our trucks, 400 bbl acid tanks, and manifolds to manage acid on-site. You can also hire labor crews to set up and manage tanks throughout FRAC operations. Rent our services and equipment instead of investing in your own, and let us do the hard work for you.

Equipment Rental
Need to rent equipment? We offer a wide range of rentals to assist in your oilfield project, including hoses, water pumps, super heaters, submersible pumps, FRAC trailers, manifolds, road crossings, acid and buffer tanks, and more.

Fluid Management Services
Our fluid management services include:

  • Scouting and permitting of water sources
  • All logistics of water transfer (trucking/pumping)
  • Storage and heating
  • Transfer during FRAC operations
  • Flowback transfer and storage
  • Managing disposal of recovered fluids

Our seasoned professionals offer the energy resources your company needs, from supplies to services. Call us at 780-706-4889 to get a quote for equipment, water heating, and water pumping in Whitecourt.